Moving Supplies

There are some national moving companies that will usually give you three choices when it comes to packing your things. They can pack everything for you into boxes before moving it all into the truck, they can pack only the fragile things that need to be put into special boxes and wrapped with paper and allow you to pack the rest, or you can pack everything into boxes yourself and let them just unload and load the truck for you.

Those who prefer to pack up everything they own by themselves and without any help will need to use special moving supplies that will make the job easier and more efficient. There are many things that you will need in order to make sure that everything is packed in the right way and labeled correctly.


Boxes are of course the most important supply that you will need and you will need a good amount of them. Most people will purchase different sizes of boxes from the moving company they are using. If you do not want to spend any money on them you may be able to go to a restaurant or grocery store and ask them for empty boxes that they are trying to get rid of.


Paper is essential because it is what will protect all of your fragile belongings. It is possible to wrap up all of your dishes and other glass objects with bubble wrap – but this can be expensive and leaves less room in the boxes that you might need. Paper is much more affordable and easier to work with.


Other items that you will need include tape and a marker. The tape is obviously used to close and secure each box. The marker is used to marks what room the box belongs in and whether or not it is fragile. This will help the movers to know that nothing gets put on top of them and what room to put them in when you arrive at the new place.